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आय ब्यय विवरण तथा स्थिति विवरण पत्र

Shree Swopnashil Saving & Credit Co-operative ltd. has donated wall clocks to 6 different temples of bhaktapur on 30th Nov. 2019.

Dental camp organized by Shree Swopnashil Saving &Credit Co-operative ltd. and Kathmandu Medical College at Bangsagopal chowk 130 students and local were examined in the camp. Apart from treatment, the students were made aware of dental health and hygiene by a team of experts and doctors.

Dental Camp at Bangsagopal chowk

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Shree Swopnashil Saving & Credit Co-operative ltd. Annual Ceremony 2019

The story behind haritalika teej displays a woman’s love and sacrifice. Its our pleasure to celebrate this festival with love and respect with all our members. May God spread peace, prosperity and happiness and good health In our life.